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Helping Build Brand Awareness
Helping to leverage user-generated content!

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To create NEW and FRESH visibility for your brand!

Through partnering with Chris and Reg Travel, your business will have access to our (over 45,000) eager and ready to travel audience. Let us highlight your brand as THE brand everyone should be using. Whether that’s hospitality, travel products or any type of lifestyle brand we will create awareness and visibility so that your brand is the first one people think of.

Partnering with Chris and Reg Travel will also help your brand reach its target market. We are a lifestyle travel brand that focuses on meaningful and engaging content for travelers. Our Social Media takeovers, blog posts and creative photo and video content will give your brand an opportunity to connect and highlight your offerings with your target market.

Through our experience as storytellers, photographers, videographers, and digital creators you can leverage our user-generated content to help further promote your brand! We love to provide our audience, as well as yours, with the most intriguing stories, tips and guides to travel. Use our expertise as content creators to boost your brand and inspire Word Of Mouth Marketing – the most effective type of marketing.

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