THE THIRDFOLD RESIDENCE is a hotel in between Siem Reap and the Angkor park. It’s a charming hotel with amenities like a gorgeous outdoor saltwater pool and a Khmer-inspired restaurant, with nice extras including Khmer cooking classes and a Spa. It’s beautiful, but what makes THE THIRDFOLD RESIDENCE special goes beyond nice amenities and a stunning pool.

Getting Situated at Thirdfold

As we were going through the process of checking into THE THIRDFOLD RESIDENCE, the staff member requested to see a copy of our passports like most, if not all, hotel requests of international travelers. The staff member checking us in was named Alisa, her smile lit up the reception area like a beautiful orchid against a clear blue sky.

She introduced herself as our personal assistant for the duration of our stay at THE THIRDFOLD. After checking us in, she personally walked us upstairs to our room to make sure that the accommodations were to our liking.

Indeed they were – the room was great! It had updated furnishings and a king-sized bed with plush bedding. The king-sized bed was critical for us, as we have stated in past reviews because we are on the “tall side” (5’11” and 6’3”). Bed size is always a critical comfort factor, and the Thirdfold came through for us.

The Thirdfold Residence ReceptionThe Inviting Welcome Desk

Thirdfold Residence Experience: Perfect with a Cherry on Top

The Thirdfold Residence offers a complimentary breakfast for many of its guests – a big plus for us. So, during our stay, we took advantage of this breakfast feast. As a matter of fact, each morning, we looked forward to visiting the open-air restaurant that was positioned above the crystal blue pool. The view of the pool from the restaurant was breathtakingly framed with dense vegetation and pops of reds and whites from indigenous flowers, plants, and trees. The beautiful surroundings, the awesome food and incredible wait-staff were a major reason why each of the days in Siem Reap got off to such great starts.

Breakfast is served at The Thirdfold Pretty Khmer Restaurant at The Thirdfold

During the day we ‘did‘ Siem Reap – We explored Angkor Wat, roamed around Pub Street, and soaked up Cambodian culture. These long days exploring Siem Reap involved quite a bit of walking. Luckily, waiting for us back at The Thirdfold was the Mekhala Spa at THE THIRDFOLD. When we got back from a particularly long day, we were all about that spa! We each had the most relaxing 1-hour traditional Khmer style massage that was a perfect way to end a successful and satisfying day on the town.

Pleasant View at The Thirdfold ResidenceChillin’ in a Villa

The Cherry on Top

What more could we ask for from our accommodation? Not much honestly. An extremely satisfying spa, a gorgeous pool, a breakfast feast every morning. We were happy.

But oh wait. There’s more.

We left out a critical piece of information!

Chris’s birthday happened to fall on the day that we were scheduled to check out of THE THIRDFOLD. No one really celebrates their birthday in the morning anyways.

However, when we provided passports at check-in, we did not expect the staff to give much notice to the date of birth on the passport. 

BOY! Were we wrong though!!

Checkout day came and we were at the reception counter discussing how great of a time we had experienced in Siem Reap and particularly at THE THIRDFOLD HOTEL. However, during that time, we noticed staff members “covertly” glancing at us and going into an office behind the reception area.

We’re thinkin’ “what the heck is going on?”. The door would open partially, and employees would literally slide in and the door quickly closing it after them. Were there some ancient Cambodian secrets in there? …“How odd” we kept thinking. Maybe it was a special entry and there was something that required extra protection… we had no idea!

We had a brief chuckle and continued the checkout process while having a pleasant conversation with the staff member at the front desk. After checking out, we made a request to have a car service take us to the airport, which they easily arranged for us, indicating that it would take about 10 minutes for the car to arrive. They asked us to sit and relax in the lobby.

As we turned to find a comfortable seat, several staff members along with the manager emerged from behind that mysterious door with a beautifully decorated chocolate drizzled birthday cake outfitted with cookies and candles on top!

They were all clapping, smiling and wishing Chris a happy birthday. We were absolutely stunned!

Apparently, Alisa the awesome young lady that checked us in and introduced herself as our personal assistant, took note of Chris’s date of birth when we checked in and obviously went the extra mile to ensure that our stay was special.

It was a really special way to end our adventure in Siem Reap, and only acute attention to detail would produce this level of service. They clearly had gone above and beyond the call of hotel service.

Siem Reap HotelsThe Surprise Birthday Cake!

Noticeably absent from the celebration was Alisa, the wonderful person that set these festivities in motion. The manager told us that she had a class that morning, so she ordered this ridiculously awesome cake the evening prior and got up extra early to drop it off at the hotel before we checked out…. (she had no idea of when we were checking out).

It is frankly this level of thoughtfulness and kindness that will make this world a kinder place!

Even if you’re to visit THE THIRDFOLD and it isn’t your birthday, you can rest easy knowing that this level of attention to detail is being maintained at every moment. In the end, this is what people seek out of any service – that type of care that goes above and beyond. That cherry on top.

THIRDFOLD is one of Siem Reap’s Best Hotels. We are so appreciative of the time that we spent at THE THIRDFOLD, the staff went beyond their professional duties to make our stay in Cambodia perfect; They personally touched our hearts!

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