If living through a pandemic taught us anything, it was to get innovative with staying at or close to home. As the world opens back up and summer plans are underway, it’s time to make a summer bucket list!

Creating bucket lists can remind us to enjoy life and allows us to put careful thought into what we want to see, do and explore. We often think of travel as going somewhere far away. However, exploring our very own city allows us to appreciate our home in a new way. This guide is going to help spark some creativity for you and share some ideas for exploring what’s around you.

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Continue reading for memorable summer bucket list ideas that kids, teens, and adults will enjoy.

Bucket List Ideas for Kids

Get the kids up and moving this summer while experiencing new things. These summer bucket list ideas for kids include getting outdoors and developing important life skills.

Visit the Children’s Museum.

Is there a Children’s Museum in your city? Even if you’ve been before, Children’s Museums often revamp their activities. This is an ideal way for children to start socializing again post-pandemic and participate in unique activities they may not have at home.

Go on a nature scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts are a fun way for kids to exercise, explore what’s around them, and problem solve. Make it a special adventure with nature activity cards and an outdoor exploring kit.

Set up a lemonade stand.

Lemonade stands are a summer bucket list original, but still a popular one! This is a quintessential activity that teaches children so many great skills from entrepreneurial to designing. Allow them to create their stand with unique decor and curb appeal.

Play tour guide.

Children can come up with their own tour of the city to their favorite places. Let visitors, friends, or family participate in the tour. Make it a whole event!

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Bucket List Ideas for Teens

A summer bucket list is all about doing things you don’t usually get to experience. These ideas include spending time with friends in a new way and getting active.

Go on a walk with your camera.

Check out your city through a lens. Use a camera or a phone to snap photos of your favorite sights. See if you can capture images of things you wouldn’t usually notice.

Do a photoshoot with friends.

Expanding on the last idea, invite friends to a photo shoot. Be a tourist in your city and pose in front of popular sights and landmarks.

Run (or walk) a 5K.

Summer 5Ks are a thing worth experiencing once. Even if you’re not necessarily fit, you can walk it. Participating in a race isn’t always about winning but about feeling a sense of community. You can find races near you at Active Race Finder.

Rent a bicycle for the day.

Most cities offer bicycle rentals. Hop on a bike for the day and take the time you don’t always have to ride around and explore new sights. Grab a group of friends and make it an afternoon outing.

biking; bucket list ideads for teens

Try a new food.

Get adventurous with food! Find a restaurant you’ve never been to and pick something off the menu you’ve never had.

Bucket List Ideas for Adults (Couples, Singles, & Friends)

Are looking to have a romantic date with your significant other or a getaway without the kids? Maybe a get-together with friends? These summer bucket list ideas for adults all deserve a spot on the list.

Take a photography walk.

Grab the camera and walk around popular areas of your city. Maybe see if you can find some spots off the beaten track, too. Taking the time to wander and snap photos can allow you to explore places you don’t always pay much attention to.

Spend the night at a local bed and breakfast.

We’ve all been inside for quite some time now. Take a night away and staycation at a local bed and breakfast. This is a great way to support local businesses, too.

Take a day trip.

Is there a small town close by you’ve always wanted to explore? Or a big city filled with things to do? Go ahead and take the adventure so you can make a new memory and tick it off your summer bucket list.

This one’s an ideal self-care day solo or for a fun day with friends!

Go on a sunset date.

When on vacation, we often want to chase the best sunset spot. But, this also is a great summer bucket list idea in your own city. Ask around for a prime place for catching the sunset. Turn it into the real deal with takeout and wine.

Explore culture in the kitchen.

How often do you play it safe with your recipes? We get it, life’s busy! Immerse yourself in some culture this summer and find a recipe from across the globe. For an added touch check out an authentic food market near you.

This summer bucket list idea makes for a unique girls’ night!

cooking authentic food; summer bucket list ideas

Go on a brewery or winery tour.

Calling all beer or wine lovers! This summer, learn about and enjoy good brews or wine around you. A guided tour is a one-of-a-kind experience. Ask all the questions you’ve ever wondered about crafting delicious drinks while getting to drink them, too.

Bucket List Ideas for the Whole Family

We couldn’t give summer bucket list ideas without adding some for the whole family. Many of these are also great for adults to enjoy solo or with friends!

Take a trip to a zoo.

What’s a summer bucket list without a trip to the zoo? Find one in your city or one you’ve never visited in a city over. Check out the events’ schedules for featured days just children.

Visit the Aquarium.

If you’ve never been to an aquarium, now’s the time! This is an awesome bucket list idea for kids and adults. Even if you have been, you never know what water animals you might catch a glimpse of this go around.

Here’s a complete list of zoos and aquariums in the United States.

Go camping in the backyard.

A backyard camping trip is an iconic experience everyone’s summer bucket list needs on it. Unplug, get outside, and eat all the S’mores supplies. Check out this cool book of camping activities.

Have a picnic in the park.

This picnic blanket and basket set is perfect for a picnic in the park. Check out that popular park you haven’t had time to check out or your favorite local park. Invite family and friends for an afternoon of enjoying food and catching up.

Spend a day at the library.

Most public libraries are starting to open back up. Many offer family-friendly throughout the summer. Check out your local library’s website and see what special events are coming up.

Take a road trip.

Road trips are one of the most enjoyable ways to travel. Load up the car and hit the open road. Road trips allow us to explore and get to know what’s in our own (almost) backyard. This Road Trip Activity Book and Journal is an excellent way to keep the little ones busy.

road trip; summer bucket list ideas

Take yourself on a food tour.

Come up with a list of places including a cafe, a lunch spot, a fruit stand, and a dessert spot. Maybe toss a brewery in there, too. Spend the day checking out local businesses and trying new foods.

Attend a sporting event.

Many people have been waiting for sports to take place again and they finally are. Attending a sporting event is one of the most fun ways to reconnect with family and friends.

Go to a local festival.

Local festivals offer good music, delicious food, and activities for everyone. This sounds like the perfect addition to any summer bucket list! Check out All Events for festivals near you.

In Conclusion

We hope your summer bucket list is filled and ready to be checked out. It can be easy to let life pass us by. Being intentional with a bucket list allows us to really appreciate time with ourselves, friends, family, and the world around us.

Do you have something to add to our summer bucket list ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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