You’ve spent a good while trying to find that perfect babysitter. You’ve saved up just the right amount of money. The weather looks like it’ll be great, and you even found a few discounts on top of it all. It’s a great feeling to finally plan that long-awaited trip and have everything in order. Some would say it’s actually even a little euphoric. But there are always those little logistics that you overlook or may not even know about that just so happen to always pop up at the very last minute like single trip travel insurance.

Right before you click purchase there they are, screaming right at you in all their annoying glory. Travel insurance does not need to be one of those things. If you’re booking a trip, just getting started on planning one, or you’re literally two seconds from hitting confirm on Expedia, today we take a moment to go over what exactly is the very popular concept of single trip travel insurance and do you happen to fall into the category of needing it.

Single Trip Travel Insurance is very useful for every travel plan
A Single Trip Travel Insurance ensures a worry free vacation

What is Single Trip Travel Insurance

What is Single Trip Travel Insurance and why do you need it?
Single Trip Travel Insurance helps in securing your travel plans

So what it is? Well, you’re most probably already familiar with the concept of insurance in general. But how exactly can you apply the concept of insuring something that’s not actually physically like traveling? It’s one of those things where you may find yourself asking how you went about traveling without it all your life. Because sure, you may not be able to put insurance on making sure you have the time of your life, but you can ensure things like flight cancellations, lost luggage, medical expenses, losing certain items, taking financial risks, and so much more.

The common misconception among those who don’t know about travel insurance is that the word travel can be really ambiguous. In reality, travel insurance covers a broad spectrum of things to ensure that you don’t completely find yourself on the losing end if unforeseen circumstances occur. Let’s say you’re trip worth two grand gets canceled because of a hurricane. You don’t want to lose out on the money. That would be utterly unfair. That’s where single tip travel insurance comes into play.  

What Does Single Trip Travel Insurance Cover

Single Trip Travel Insurance coverage plan
Single Trip Travel Insurance covers expansive plans from emergency medical needs to flight delays and others

Single trip travel insurance covers a lot. It can come in handy if you’re traveling a lot or just on a single trip, are known to lose things, booking a trip during a bad weather season and so much more. And travel insurance is definitely not a one size fits all concept. Expedia won’t be exactly the same just as Geico won’t be identical to Allstate. Some of the things that are universally covered though are: emergency medical insurance, emergency medical evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment, lost/stolen luggage, hotel/cruise ship protection, trip cancellation, trip interruption, flight cancellations, flight delays, supplier bankruptcy, just to name a few.

With a lot of models, you can pick and choose what you want to cover while some insurers may mandate that you get their policy as is. It all comes down to who you sign with.

How Much Is Single Trip Travel Insurance

How much does a Single Trip Travel Insurance cost
Cost of a Travel Insurance ensures a smooth trip and helps you get rid of travel tension

When it comes to insurance, the old adage goes “you get what you pay for”. If you’re the type of person who enjoys taking big risks or tends to see things in an overly positive manner then maybe going with the cheapest and simplest one size fits all model is for you. But, it probably isn’t in your best interest to be skimpy on insurance if you happen to be heading somewhere where times are volatile or the weather is immensely unpredictable.

You can’t really cut costs with insurance, no matter what you’re aiming to insure, from your apartment, health, car, etc. When it comes to single trip travel insurance though, expect to shell out at least 5% to 10% of the total cost of your trip to add travel insurance to it. If your trip costs a few grand, then expect to pay a few hundred. That’s just the cost of making sure your trip goes off without a hitch.

Travel Health Insurance

Single Trip Travel Insurance that covers medical bills and why do you need it
Medical coverage overseas helps reduce expenses significantly

Travel health insurance can be one aspect that puts your mind at ease more than others especially if you’re prone to allergies, sickness, or will be eating some unknown foods, and or traveling in uncertain terrain. This will especially help you out if you just so happened to already buy your ticket and need to travel to places that just went on high alert for a new virus or medical outbreak.

What travel health insurance is, is medical coverage for when you’re abroad. Why do you need this if you’re already covered back home? Because a lot of healthcare providers only cover you domestically. It’s much like having a store credit card. It may have you covered in Bestbuy but not so much in Target. If you get sick or hurt abroad, having travel health insurance is that coverage you need to make sure you get help wherever you travel.

Travel Medical Insurance

Don’t be fooled if you see travel medical insurance in place of travel health insurance as both terms are interchangeable.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Single Trip Travel Insurance
Best travel insurance plan if you travel for work or plan vacation multiple times a year

It can be somewhat confusing hearing all these different terms, especially the one known as multi-trip travel insurance because it’s really not all that descriptive. Let us explain this one though. Hypothetically you book your trip and get everything covered thus far, from travel medical insurance all the way down to booking what restaurants you’ll be dining at overseas. That’s great. But what happens if let’s say you’re a career traveler or you just so happen to love traveling to Disneyworld three times a year? Are you going to book all the insurance yet again and slug through the process each time? You may think that you must but that’s where multi-trip travel insurance comes into play.

What multi-trip travel insurance does is cover you with various points of insurance for multiple trips. This way you don’t have to continually file for insurance each time you hit confirm on Expedia.

Annual Travel Insurance

Annual travel Insurance is a cost effective option: Single Trip Travel Insurance
Annual travel insurance is a better option for frequent travelers

Somewhat interchangeable with multi-trip travel insurance is annual travel insurance. Let’s say you book all your trips for an upcoming twelve-month period. You have all your ducks in a row and everything is squared away, instead of booking insurance individually you can cover all your trips with annual travel insurance. This also works for if you know that you’ll be traveling a lot in the upcoming year and simply want to take out a policy beforehand to get it all out of the way.

This is perfect for the type of traveler that doesn’t really want to put a giant focus on insurance and would rather just plan for that work-related trip or leisurely vacation in the Bahamas. The only downfall to this is that premiums are a bit higher when you opt for an annual plan. So if you purchase yearly travel insurance but only wind up taking two trips, it isn’t worth it.

The Best Travel Health Insurance Companies

Choosing the best travel health insurance company: Single Trip Travel Insurance
Choosing the best travel health insurance company is of importance

It’s always good to shop around when it comes to buying insurance whether it’s for your car, health, traveling, or whatever else. Insurance companies are always changing their prices to reflect demand and industry standards. And of course, quality is always subject to change as well with any company. Health is a big thing though.

It is one of the top concerns for travelers when traveling because who doesn’t want health care when you’re in a different town or relaxing abroad. In that light, we’ve compiled a list of the best travel health insurance companies to take some of the guesswork out of the whole process for you. Peace of mind is important when booking a trip.


Seven Corners Inc



Travel Guard

Assicurazioni Generali

Allianz Global Assistance SAS

Travelex Insurance Services, Inc Insuremytrip

John Hancock Financial

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection




APRIL Travel Protection

The Travelers Companies


Vacation insurance

Understanding what is Vacation insurance: Single Trip Travel Insurance
Vacation insurance may not be same as a regular travel Insurance: Read up the agreement

Just like before with health and medical insurance, some terms are completely interchangeable with others. Vacation insurance is one of those terms. You may see it in the place of travel insurance and that’s okay. It’s not really something to give a second thought to. But it is a good example of how words can often play a major part in the insurance process.

This serves as a reminder that when shopping for insurance you’ll want to make sure you read everything thoroughly before signing away. Is the premium a flat rate? What does it cover? Is it an annual? As with anything major, there’s always going to be fine print, easily overlooked details, and so much more. Vacation insurance may mean the same thing as travel insurance but it’s never a bad idea to verify something like that.

Travel Insurance Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-Existing Conditions disclosure for signing up with a Single Trip Travel Insurance
Pre-Existing Conditions need to be disclosed before signing up for a Travel Insurance

Are you pregnant? Did you just happen to contract a virus or disease before purchasing your insurance? These things would fall under pre-existing conditions. What pre-existing conditions are classically get defined as any illness, disease, injury or other condition that happens before you purchase insurance and for which you experienced symptoms or applied for treatment.

Basically you’re sick or have an illness before taking out insurance companies want to know because it can be a liability on their end. It’s also rather not fair to the company if you have a condition, get sick overseas, and then wipe the company out for numerous claims as if it happened for the first time. This is why insurance companies want to know who they’re insuring.

Baggage Insurance

Baggage is covered too under Single Trip Travel Insurance
Secure your precious stuff in the luggage with a travel insurance

Hypothetically your bag goes missing while you’re on your dream vacation. Maybe not. Maybe the airport security completely breaks your luggage. Or, maybe you get off the plane to find out that your bags got stolen. None of those scenarios are pleasant. It’s something a lot of travelers worry about especially if they’re traveling with valuables. So what do you do other than get a little frustrated?

That’s where baggage insurance comes into play. You may not get your items back. Things may not get fixed. Baggage insurance is there to reimburse you just in case these kinds of things happen. Bag problems occur so much during travel that it’s exactly why an entire category of insurance is devoted purely to it. So next time you stress about taking your family’s precious jewelry abroad, just know you can have insurance on it to ease some of your worries.

Long Term Travel Insurance

specialized long term travel insurance is importance: Single Trip Travel Insurance
Specialized long term travel insurance covers every minute risk related to being on the road

So you’re on the more adventurous side fence, great! Long term travel insurance is there for those who plan on doing a lot of excursions from their hotel or plan on doing activities that regular insurance would worry about. For instance, swimming with dolphins wouldn’t exactly fall under your traditional travel insurance plan. That’s more for the specialized long term travel insurance bracket.

In summary, this type of insurance is perfect if you plan on leaving your resort and seeing the country a bit more. Just make sure you have you’re medical travel insurance on the up and up, just in case the dolphins happen to be in a bad mood that day. We joke.

Understanding details of Single Trip Travel Insurance
Understanding the importance of Travel Insurance

And there you have it, all about travel insurance. It’s not such an ambiguous term once you break it all down and learn the smaller elements that make it what it is. The next time that you book a trip to somewhere that you may not be familiar with, you can feel a little bit more at ease knowing that there is something out there that can provide the same if not similar protections that you enjoy domestically.

From medical insurance, losing your bags, to realizing that your flight got canceled, at least there is some peace of mind in knowing that it’s not the end of the world if any of those things occur. It’s not easy to get something like food poisoning overseas but at least there’s an option for safe medical coverage. Now you know it all. The question is, do you need it

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