Our trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia was without a doubt one of the best vacations that we have taken over the years. We say this because of the fantastic historical locations, the incredible people that we had the pleasure of meeting, and the unbelievable accommodation that we had the opportunity to stay. We were looking for an alternative luxury experience. Siem Reap Luxury Hotels are not few and far between, but we definitely had a wonderful night at a great place called THE BEIGE.


When you cross reference the word “beige” in Merriam Webster, synonyms such as ‘vanilla’ and ‘lacking distinction’ come up in the search results.

OH BOY! Did good-old Merriam Webster get it WRONG! Guess Merriam Webster hadn’t been to THE BEIGE.

THE BEIGE is a luxury tent resort…. yes, you heard (read) me correctly… LUXURY TENT RESORT!

Our view from our room at The Beige Our Glamp

What Is A Luxury Tent Resort?

Luxury Tent Resorts. Glamping. We’ve all heard these terms. But what really are they? (Lets not go to Merriam-Webster for this one either). Let’s use THE BEIGE as an example, because it was a darn good one.

The Beige is a Siem Reap “Hotel” and consists of eight enormous luxury guest tents that are each thoughtfully outfitted with toilets and shower facilities. Think camping but glamorous, hence glamping. These tents would actually revival any 5-star high-rise hotel. Our luxury tent was also equipped with air conditioning and a massive ceiling fan that was positioned over our canopy covered king-sized bed. Physically speaking, we are on the tall side (5’11” and 6’3”) so the king-sized bed was much appreciated. 

It is tough to strike the balance of luxury and the feel of camping in a room, but such is the task for Luxury Tent Resorts like THE BEIGE. Not only does THE BEIGE accomplish this task, having tents made out of entirely organic materials (no plastics), and having exorbitant amounts of space with only 8 tents means they’ve outdone themselves. They sure nailed it!

Our Experience at THE BEIGE

Right when we walked into our tent, we knew we were going to like staying here. The canopy covered king-sized bed fit beautifully in the room, and the view, our our window was also divine.

THE BEIGE is situated in the Angkor region, so due to the intimacy of the tents themselves becoming one, so to speak, with the Cambodian Jungle, we really felt like we had Angkor all to ourselves. It was just, us, the Cambodian jungle, and the awesome pool!

Our terrace was fantastically situated to face the east so we experienced the morning sun slowly creeping over the sturdy hardwood trees as we drank fresh brewed coffee that was delivered to our tent. Talk about a nice way to wake up. You can hear the birds chirping as the inevitable humidity of Cambodia turns on.

A little later, at the restaurant, we enjoyed an incredible breakfast which delivered a mix of local and western cuisines. 

The restaurant served cuisines with locally sourced ingredients that were grown and/or raised onsite at the farm run by THE BEIGE. The chef integrated fresh free-range chicken and organically grown vegetables into a menu worthy of a Michelin Star. 

Lunch at our favorite Siem Reap Luxury Hotel: The Beige!Eating A Locally Sourced Lunch

As we’ve stated in the past, we tend to gravitate towards organizations that do a great job integrating social responsibility into their business model. We love it when an accommodation has, for example, their own farm where they grow their own fruit. Those attentions to detail mean the world to us, and to many other travelers, for good reason!

Whenever there was the need to get connected, we simply took advantage of the high speed wireless internet access that was available in our tent. However, this place is less about technology than it is about your surroundings, nature, and “unplugging”. We could all use a little bit of time to just be, without all the noise of technology, phones and cameras.

Overall the French inspired furnishings provided our tent with the simplistic yet stately feel of comfort.

The environment surrounding our tent was riddled with impressive vegetation and scenic walking paths. Because THE BEIGE sits on 10 hectares (almost 25 acres), our tent and others enjoyed a high degree of privacy due to the ample space between each tent. 

We shared a tranquil view of an active canal… “shared” might be somewhat of a stretch because the closest tent was more than 50 meters away from ours. The canal had two curious water buffalo that basked in the waters to cool off and fish frequently jumped from the canal causing an unmistakable *Kaa Plunk! We felt like we were in harmony with nature. 

Chris Sitting and Soaking Up The Jungle ViewOne With Nature

The pool at THE BEIGE was very unique and we frankly had not laid sight on anything like it in our travels. It was a large teired infinity pool that was raised several feet (maybe 15 or 20) from the floor of a “jungle” environment. The dark tile in the pool gave it an intimate pop against the lush vegetation. We spent an evening there enjoying a memorizing sunset while enjoying a cocktail.

Chris and Reg Enjoying the Angkor Sun Set from The Beige's Infinity PoolThis Is Why We Travel

We’ve shared tons of great reasons on why we enjoyed THE BEIGE but honestly, we left the most compelling reason for last.

The Fantastic People at The Beige

The staff at THE BEIGE was absolutely exceptional and showed their love for delivering a 5-star customer experience throughout our stay.

The initial contact started with a private driver that THE BEIGE provided to pick us up. The driver was very pleasant and shared information on local stories regarding nearby temples and historical attractions.

After reaching the long entry drive of THE BEIGE, we looked up and saw a welcoming committee consisting of no less than 8 staff members including one of the managers. The group was providing warm smiles and waving as the car pulled up to the main check-in area.

Once we exited the vehicle, we were promptly greeted by the manager, Koichi Tanioka. As he shook our hands and warmly welcomed us, the remainder of the welcoming committee unloaded our bags while yet another group who were adorned with beautiful beige parasols (umbrellas) provided shade from the clear skies and 90-degree temperatures (+ humidity).

Talk about service! As we walked, so did the friendly staff, and the parasols! Woo!! We were then taken to a scenic area at the main building where we were provided refreshingly chilled hand towels and a tasty welcome beverage.

The Beige staff does a good job of not being in your face, but providing you every possible thing you could need. We’ve stayed at our fair share of hotels over the years, but this staff has it down.

During our stay the entire staff treated us like we were part of their well-loved extended family… ensuring that we were comfortable and well cared for as we visited from half way around the globe.

This place was phenomenal! We definitely recommend booking your stay at THE BEIGE if you’re looking for an alternative to Siem Reap’s typical Luxury Hotel. I mean, you’re in Cambodia. Why the heck not?

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Chris and Reg lounging in their tent at The Beige Luxury Tent Resort

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