Each year, 1.3 million people visit the Central American nation of Belize that borders Guatemala to the west and Mexico to the North. The Caribbean Sea meets the nation in the east, washing up some of the whitest sand with the clearest waters in the entire Caribbean area.

We visited Belize in April – for a 5 day and 4 night beach get-away that was one of the most relaxing we’ve had. We were commissioned by Muy’ono Resorts to produce some content for The Placencia Resort, taking over their Instagram for a day and writing about our experience. Accommodated by the wonderful staff at The Placencia Resort, it was beach vibes from the moment we were greeted by the team to the moment we left the little peninsular paradise of Placencia, Belize.

Let me note that we did not start our adventure in Placencia.

We spent one night in the capital, Belize City. Belize City may have interesting things to do, but what attracts the 1.3 million visitors per year are the beautiful beaches sprinkled across the Belizean coastline south and north of Belize City. We opted to go south to the picturesque fishing-village-turned-resort-town Placencia, Belize, roughly 115 miles (186km) south of the capital city.

So, we hopped on our “private” Maya Island Air flight and flew from the Belizean Capital to picturesque Placencia.

Chris and Reg in the Maya Island Air flight to The Placencia Resort Chris and Reg Traveling by Private Jet

Alas it was not our own private jet, but one of the options of transportation to get to the resort. The service we received from The Placencia Resort staff felt as exclusive as if it was our own private jet. Furthermore, the relaxing beach environment, great food, clear waters and tropical weather gave us all we needed, and more, from our planned tropical getaway.

We hope this blog post helps you decide if Belize is the destination for you!

The Placencia Resort is The Belizean Resort to See

Placencia Belize is a fishing village that has received a massive boost to its micro-economy from a swath of resort projects turning this small fishing village, still full of the quaint charm of the past, into a tropical paradise.

There are many options for resorts in Placencia. The service, accommodations, food, and everything in between is top notch at The Placencia Resort and entrusting them with accommodating us was one the main reasons our Belizean vacation rocked so much!

Sunrises to die for, dinners on the dock and swim-up bars are just some of the reasons our vacation was extraordinary. Friendly service, wonderful amenities and a picturesque oceanside are others.

The property The Placencia Resort sits on is ideal, and it had all of the things to do that any beach-going traveler could ever dream of. The staff were helpful and friendly. For a tropical paradise, this always is the icing on the cake, making our entire vacation seamless.

Placencia Belize: A Day in The Life at The Placencia Resort

Life is idyllic at The Placencia Resort. It would definitely not be the end of the world if we had to live here for the rest of our lives.

Our mornings started with traditional Belizean breakfast, complete with such foods as Fried Jacks – deep fried dough in various shapes and sizes – which was perfect for getting some energy before we relax (ha ha). The resort has on-site facilities where they source their colorful fruits and vegetables accompanied with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It’s great when you know the exact source of what you’re eating, and it shows us a level of detail that isn’t seen very often at resorts who are often focusing on lowering costs and sacrificing quality – to meet a certain level of quantity.

After breakfast we opted for an easy and satisfying bike ride to burn off those calories as the sun began to beam down and the beach began to call out to us.

In exploring the property, and anywhere in Belize, be sure not to freak out as you’ll likely see Iguanas the size of your arm. Iguanas are a common sight here in Central America, and Belize is no exception. There are a variety of species of iguanas that can be found in Belize, ranging in size. The largest can grow up to 7 feet long (the majority of which is tail), and they love to hang out in trees and bushes.

A pair of Iguanas call Placencia Belize their homeIguanas of Belize

We saw many as we migrated from our hotel room to the beach, to dinner and basically everywhere we went. As we explored the property after our bike ride, we continued to run into Iguanas. They make for a quiet but unusual companion amidst our Placencia Resort adventure.

Continuing on with the day, we explored the beach and the on-site marina parked full of gorgeous yachts and includes a boat that is available for all-day charters. Just talk to Miesha, at the adventure desk, to schedule boat trips and tours to nearby islands. She is extremely friendly, and it was a pleasure being shown the marina and getting introduced to Brandt, the Marina Manager.

Chris and Reg Chillin' on a boatLaid back boat life

We then decided we could no longer wait to get our tropical paradise in full gear, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone and eat lunch at the swim-up bar. Talk about relaxing! There’s nothing like swimming up to your next meal and lounging in the pool while having a drink and/or a bite to eat.

This was an awesome experience that everyone ought to have in their life at least once. Eating lunch, in a pool, while sipping on a tropical drink with an umbrella perched on top clearly cannot be missed. Not only was the food great, but it was an awesome way to relax and live that tropical beach paradise vibe.

We then decided it was time to go check out the beach. The beach is lined with palm trees and straw huts and has just the right amount of people to make it feel exclusive. There are several complimentary beach activities available for visitors. We opted to rent some paddle-boards first. Paddle-boarding isn’t as hard as you might think. For those who don’t know what it is, picture kayaking, but standing up. And it’s not in a boat.

While paddle-boarding looks like it takes place on a surfboard, it actually is a completely different type of board. The Paddle-board has much more buoyancy than a surfboard, so it really isn’t too difficult to stand on. It definitely does not sink. It may look intimidating, but it’s a lot of fun.

After our Paddle-board fun, we decided to rent an ocean kayak. Again, kayaking in the ocean isn’t too difficult (as long as the waves aren’t big, which they aren’t here). Ocean kayaking does take some upper body work, but it’s a fabulous time. It’s a good work out and is a fun thing to do in the ocean. When you’re kayaking, on one side there’s the beautiful palm tree-lined-beach, and on the other side it’s ocean as far as the eye can see. Simply divine.

The Placencia Resort has paddle-boards and kayaks available for rent and it is easy to obtain one to have some fun in the ocean. Just find Meisha! She made it seamless for visitors to obtain the equipment.

The water here is the perfect temperature and the white sand glistens – we could have spent the rest of the day just at the beach. But we decided we would go back to the room and get changed so we could check out more of the resort.

The Placencia has several different dining options available, ranging from casual swim-up restaurant/bars to luxury farm-to-table cuisine inspired by combining Belizean dishes with Italian accents. We went to enjoy a happy hour at The Pier Bar where we planned out what we would do the remainder of our stay. This led perfectly into a relaxing and tasty dinner as the sky changed from amazing yellows and oranges to a night sky lit up by stars.

The resorts idyllic location and its myriad of services allowed us to enjoy such a spectacular tropical vacation, and we can think of no better destination for anyone planning on venturing to this wonderful country.

The rooms themselves are also fantastic. Most rooms have a patio, and they have a variety of sizes to accommodate all needs and budgets. It is definitely a treat to wake up to mild weather and enjoy tea and/or breakfast on the balcony.

The Placencia Resort offers a range of other activities as well including Private Island retreats, Scuba & Snorkeling, Fishing, Jungle tours and more. Belize’s biodiversity is another main reason people come, as it ranges from dense jungles to colorful marine life. If you have the time, definitely check both out!

The Placencia Resort is definitely the place to stay along the Placencia Peninsula. While these other activities are certainly enticing, we found it difficult to be steered away from the allure of the beach.

The next time we find ourselves in Belize, we will absolutely book a stay at The Placencia Resort again for more tropical relaxation.

The Placencia Resort: It’s All About People

The Placencia’s service and attention to detail really stood out to us as frequent travelers. When we talk about attention to detail, we mean Desean, the swim-up bar’s bartender, remembering us by name only after interacting with him once. We don’t know about you, but we’re terrible with names – however, we have a great deal of appreciation for anyone who can remember names, especially after only one interaction.

This wasn’t a one-time thing either. After we had gone paddle-boarding and kayaking, we were walking back, and Isaiah asked us if we were thirsty. We said yes, so he climbed up a palm tree to grab us coconuts. He cracked them open for us, all in the name of hydration. Fresh coconut water is very tasty, and this shows a care for visitors that most places would skip and simply tell you that there’s water inside.

Then there was Trinell, the executive chef, who prepared us a private meal that was absolutely fantastic. It was a special treat for us, so we decided we ought to dress up. We simply loved the meal she prepared for us – full of wonderful seafood and other amazing things – part of which is photographed below.

Chris and Reg treated to a private dinner by executive chef TrinellPrivate Dinner Courtesy of Trinell, Executive Chef

Lastly, we would love to thank Leticia and Reynaldo for taking care of our needs while we were at the resort. In our experience in traveling, the management of a resort really makes or breaks it. The Placencia Resort is well managed as they pay attention to the details, something that was abundantly clear during the entirety of our stay.

Don’t just take our word for it though. If you’re going to Belize for vacation, head over to picturesque Placencia and see for yourself

Placencia, Belize as a Tropical Destination

Placencia, Belize sits at the western end of the Caribbean Sea. With clear 84F degree water (29C), palm trees and white sand, Placencia is an ideal tropical paradise, and a more tropical alternative to Mexican beaches and resorts.

Placencia Belize Tropical AtmospherePalm Trees Everywhere

But there is more to Belize then just beaches. Belizean people are incredibly friendly and social. People who are merely acquainted act neighborly with each other, greeting each other as if they’re long-time friends.

Belize is culturally more Caribbean then Central American. The reasons for this are influenced by their diplomatic and economic relationships of the past, focusing their relationships towards the Caribbean sea instead of westward.

Historically, they’ve been part of Caribbean economic and trade associations, and while the official language is English, most of Belizeans speak Kriol. Spanish is also widely spoken. Before announcing independence in 1981, Belize was under colonial British colonial rule for 200 years. During this time, they maintained strong links to their Caribbean neighbors instead of their Central American neighbors. As a result, Belizean culture reflects Caribbean values and norms more-so then Central American, despite being a geographically Central American country.

As Belizean culture is more associated with Caribbean values, the Belizean climate also follows suit. The weather in Belize is perfect. Belize’s average temperature is 84F Degrees (29C). Besides the occasional tropical downpour, the weather is serene. There is a hurricane season between July and October, so for an uninterrupted vacation, best go between April and June.

Since vacations to Belize are, by definition, tropical getaways, the best thing to do once you hit the ground in Belize City is to either drive or fly on over to one of the country’s picturesque beaches. Placencia is a 30-minute flight from Belize City, or a 3.5 hour drive.

The country of Belize has a nice combination of resorts/beaches and villages which compliment them. In Placencia, despite these days it being more of a resort town, it absolutely maintains elements of a fishing village. The residents are self-sustaining, something that we noticed as the resort grows their own fruits.

In our opinion this is one of the best parts of Placencia and is a reflection of Belizean culture. The quaint villages accompanying resort-lined beaches reminded us a little bit of St. Martin in the Caribbean: if you go a little inland, you have villages worthy of exploration. In these villages, during the summer months there are various local festivals which would be a fun thing to organize a trip around to get a taste of both resort life and local culture.

With Placencia however, ‘inland’ is relative. Placencia is a very skinny 19-mile-long peninsula. It’s almost an island from a geographical point of view, but it does connect with the rest of the mainland. On one side you have a mangrove-lined lagoon, and on the other you have the Caribbean Sea. Because of its interesting geography, it feels like an island and is often called “the island you can drive to”.

Much of your visit will consist of strolling the beach, snorkeling and/or scuba diving if you fancy that, delicious cuisine and soaking up the beach vibes. As a tropical getaway, Belize was a fantastic destination for us. The service at The Placencia Resort, the beauty of the country and the beach, and the wonderful weather all culminated into a relaxing beach getaway for us – something that will surely be in our thoughts as we plan our next beach getaway.

To learn more about our other adventures check out more of our blog, and visit our YouTube Channel for destination videos.

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Chris and Reg in Placencia Belize Chris and Reg Travel

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