12 Exciting Ideas for your Date Night in Gwinnett

Roses and candlelight dinners followed by a movie are such clichéd date ideas now. Of course, every couple loves to chill out and enjoy some Netflix simply, but such ideas don’t do much in the name of romance.

Dates are typically more special when you get out and do something special for your beloved. Making your date one to remember is so easy because there are so many exciting ways to make your soulmate feel special on your date night in Gwinnett.

Get Creative Together

So what is the most romantic movie scene you have ever watched? Was it the one from Ghost?

Well, we are not asking you to enact the same thing, but you can gain inspiration and go all out artistic on your date night in Gwinnett. Besides, art and romance seem to have some deep connection. Why not take this opportunity to experience the rich art culture of Gwinnett with your special one?

The Hudgens Center for the Arts

Hudgens Center for the Arts - Venue - Duluth, GA - WeddingWireHudgens Center for the Arts

This place offers a wide range of classes, from calligraphy to clay modeling to photography. If you have a loved one who shares your passion for such things, why not give in to the indulgence?

Tannery Row Artist Colony

Tannery Row Artist Colony | Official Georgia Tourism & Travel Website |  Explore Georgia.orgTannery Row Artist Colony

This is not only a wonderful place for sightseeing, but also many artists from here offer workshops, even those who do not work in the colony. If you don’t wish to make something on your own, you could treat your date to purchases of the colony’s own pieces. Would make something great for him/her to treasure, wouldn’t it?

Eye Candy Art Studio

homeEye Candy Art Studio

You can find this studio in downtown Duluth. It offers an intimate environment, which we believe is the perfect setup for a fantastic date. Here you and your special one can engage in several fun activities, including canvas painting, wine glass painting, glass fusion, and also pottery painting. Nothing can be more light-hearted and relaxing than this, right?

Date Nights Call for Exploring Different Tastes

Now no one, including you, can deny that date is ever complete in the absence of some delectable food. After all, a way to your man’s, and for that matter, a woman’s heart is through the stomach.

However, as humans we often tend to bind ourselves into a rigid routine. This especially happens in the case of food. You can extremely partial in this instance without even realizing it. Once you develop a taste for a particular restaurant, it can be hard for you to explore anything else when out on a date.

You may not have thought of it, but sticking to regulars tends to make dates boring and spark-less in the long run. Gwinnett County is a treasure land of some terrific restaurants that can add just the right amount of spice your date nights out need. Here are some of them:

Good Word Brewing and Public House

Review: The Brick Store team goes OTP with Good Word Brewing & Public House  - Atlanta MagazineGood Word Brewing and Public House

Everyone loves a good brewery, and this place promises to be just the treat your special one deserves. Head over to Good Word for a delicious meal and top it off with the best of the in-house brews here. The burger here is an absolute delight – just the perfect thing to impress her/him!

The Chocolaterie

The Chocolaterie Luxury Chocolates | Duluth, GA | CheckleThe Chocolaterie

We believe no date can ever be magical in the absence of chocolates. If your date especially favors a sweet tooth, then you need to make sure you treat them to the handmade, beautiful truffles and the other scrumptious treats as well at The Chocolaterie.

Rushing Trading Co.

Rushing Trading Co. — Atlanta Coffee ShopsRushing Trading Co.

Does your significant half simply love a charcuterie board? Let them feel how special they are for you at Rushing Trading Co. The finest charcuterie board in all of Gwinnett is available here. Make your date night all the more special by sharing a meal with your loved one here.

A Friendly Competition Adds Thrill to Romance

Have you considered how much more thrilling you can make your date with just some fun, lighthearted competition? Gwinnett gives you many options to take your date night several notches higher. From honing your driving skills to teaching her some gaming skills, there is so much you can do.

Main Event

Main Event – Bridge Street Town CentreMain Event

You can find this gaming zone at Suwanee. Participate in all kinds of fun games with your significant other. From laser tag, arcade games to bowling, play the night away. The fun doesn’t need to end here, though. Once you realize what a great time you had trying to beat each other, you can head on to avail of some of their great drinks and dining options here.

K1 Speed is another great option. Just put your helmets on and give in to the thrill of trying to beat each other. Or, if you’re feeling very generous, you could even let your better half win to prove your love for them – just saying, of course.

Netherworld Haunted House

Netherworld Haunts | Creative LoafingNetherworld Haunted House

Gwinnett is really the place where romance and adventure come together in a beautiful combination. Visit the Netherworld Haunted House with your better half and explore their mysterious rooms together. Join heads together and try to solve clever puzzles. Work as a team to beat the game before the time finishes. This is one great way to strengthen your companionship game.

Date Outdoors

A date in the outdoors can never be a flop. You could even include a romantic picnic just for the two of you, but Gwinnett has more ideas to make your date better than he/she can even imagine.

Suwanee’s Bike Share Program

Mercer County Park Bike Share Program Back for 2022Suwanee’s Bike Share Program

Doesn’t a bicycle build for two sounds utterly romantic and dreamlike? Sure it does!

Look sweet on the streets with your better half as you cycle through the Town Center Park and the creek park at Suwanee. You can use the Bike Share Program by Suwanee to feel completely close together. Bicycle through the streets together and give the romance a chance to bud between you two.

Trust us; this is the perfect way to accomplish frugality and spend the perfect date together. The first three hours of your romantic bicycling are completely free of cost here. Romance without spending a dime, a deal too good to miss!

Treetop Quest

The View From Treetop Quest Philly, the New Fairmount Park Adventure CourseTreetop Quest

Ziplining is such a cool thing, especially if you love thrill and adventures. How can you ever fail to impress him/her with this totally brilliant idea? Head over to Buford at Treetop Quest and give in to all your heart’s desires. With ziplining and all the other wonderful options here, you will just not want your date to end at all. However, if you plan or organizing your date here, make sure you do so between the months of March till November since Treetop Quest only operates within this period.

Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park, Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA – Park Review | Condé  Nast TravelerStone Mountain Park

Segway Tours and electric biking is just a new way to enjoy a date. You can avail of this experience with your special one at Stone Mountain Park. However, this is a seasonal activity, so you need to plan your date here between the months of April till November.

All about Ballroom


Romance and dances go hand in hand. The one way to draw closer to your date is to dance together, or at least learn how to. Even if you do not take more than a lesson or two, the dancing activity will make sure you remember this date as an extraordinarily fun one in the years to come.

From a sexy rumba to a romantic waltz, there are a number of styles you can try here. Besides, this might just be the opportunity to show your killer moves to him/her. Dance your heart out while you romance away.

Final Thoughts

Did you ever think your date night would never be anything but predictable? We are certain Gwinnett has certainly changed your mind. Next time you plan a date with your special one, make sure you include these date night in Gwinnett ideas.

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