When I think of waterfalls, I think: soothing, captivating, relaxing, enthralling.  Not only are waterfalls wonderful backdrops for photos, but they are one of the greatest features nature has to offer and can bring such a simple joy.  One wonder of Gwinnett County is that it is a great place for chasing waterfalls.  Rather you are a local, on vacation, or passing through, you don’t want to miss the chance to see the following exquisite spots in northern Georgia.  They are each located in or very close to Gwinnett County.

Best Waterfalls in Gwinnett County

WOW!  Gwinnett County certainly is not lacking in the area of beautiful natural, outdoor spaces.  The best part is that there is an excess of nice parks all over to really be one with nature, many of which feature waterfalls.  Read on to learn exactly where to find these stunning waterfalls in Gwinnett.

Freeman’s Mill Park

First up on the list of go-to waterfalls is at Freeman’s Mill Park.  This county park features a small, but quite lovely, waterfall.  Natural waterfalls are surely a site to see but this man-made one is well worth a visit!  While there’s no swimming allowed, spend time simply taking in the beauty and snap a few photos.

Location and Parking

The park is located at 1401 Alcovy Road, Lawrenceville, GA.  There are plenty of parking spaces and it is free to park and enter. 

Other Activities

Tribble Mill Park

Spend some time exploring the Tribble Mill Park and cool down at the waterfall.  When exploring around the Ozora Lake, keep your eye out for this special, secret spot!  You will make your way to a small, peaceful waterfall where you can relax, enjoy the peace and quiet, and splash around.

Location and Parking

You will enter the park at 2125 Tribble Mill Parkway, Lawrenceville, GA.  Several free parking areas are available throughout the park and it’s also free to enter.

*Note: This park is located only 12 minutes from Freeman’s Mill Park if you’re looking to check them both out in a day!

Other Activities

Yellow River Park

Get lost in the forest at Yellow River Park!  The flowing Yellow River amongst large rocks creates a small, but beautiful, waterfall.  People have been known to swim here but “no swimming” signs have been sighted.

Location and Parking

This park is located at 3232 Juhan Road, Stone Mountain, GA.  There are 3 parking areas: pedestrian trail entrance, bike trail entrance, and horse trail entrance.  The bike trail parking area also has a restroom with a changing area.  Parking is free and so is entry.

Other Activities

Little Mulberry Park

If you go at just the right time, you could find a hidden waterfall when visiting Mulberry Park.  Pay a visit after heavy rainfall to see a picture-worthy waterfall located by a serene lake.

Location and Parking

Head over to 3855 Fence Road, Auburn, GA to seek out the secret waterfall and more.  There are several entrances with different parking areas, all free, and there is never a shortage of spots.  You can read more about each parking area below.

Other Activities

There are four entrances to this park with different amenities.

There are about 12-miles worth of trails for hiking, biking, and riding around the park.

All of the waterfall locations mentioned above happen to be located at county parks.  Each park is open from sunrise to sunset unless otherwise noted.

Best Waterfalls Near Gwinnett County

If you are interested in some more adventuring and waterfall sightings, hop in the car!  There are a couple waterfalls certainly worth a mention that are a short drive from Gwinnett County.  And, who doesn’t like adventures, nature, and even more stunning waterfalls anyways?!

Vickery Creek Falls at Roswell Mill

This lovely, man-made waterfall is about 30 miles from Gwinnett County and worth the drive over to Roswell, Georgia!  If you’re looking for an adventure and natural beauty, this area is not one to miss.

Location and Parking

Vickery Creek Falls is located at 95 Mill St, Roswell, GA.  While parking may be limited depending on the crowd and season, you can find additional spots on the left after taking a u-turn from the lot.  During the summer, midday, and at a time of an event, you may have to wait for parking.  Starting your morning here may be key.  Your day at Vickery Creek once parked makes it worth the wait!  Parking and entry to park are both free.

Other Activities

Lullwater Preserve

Lullwater Preserve is a charming spot tucked away from the city within Emory University.  It is located approximately 30 miles, or a little less, from Gwinnett County and certainly isn’t a waste of time.  Here you will find a nice, small waterfall surrounded by plentiful nature pretty as a picture!


At the heart of Emory’s campus, you will find the main entrance at 1463 Clifton Rd NE, Atlanta, GA.  It is very important to note that parking is tricky and parking on campus isn’t really available to Lullwater guests.  With that said, don’t worry because there are options close by for parking:

You may have to look for it, but you should be able to find a spot and it’s more than worth it once you reach the destination!

Other Activities

Sope Creek Trail

For a different but interesting kind of waterfall, head about 30 miles out of Gwinnett County to Sope Creek Trail near Marietta.  This spillway along Sope Creek used to power the mill but is now a spot to catch a mist and kick some water around.

Location and Parking

This trail is located at 3760 Paper Mill Rd SE, Marietta, GA.  At the head of the trail is a parking lot with picnic tables.  There is usually enough parking available unless you go during a very busy time.  It is 3$ total to park and enjoy your day.

Other Activities

*Note: there is no bathroom or water available at Sope Creek Trail.

I hope now that you’ve gotten the low down on some spots to catch nature at it’s finest, you’ll get out there and enjoy it.  If you ask me, there’s nothing like finding the beauty in the world around you!

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