Traveling During a Viral Epidemic

14 Tips For Traveling During a Viral Epidemic – Coronavirus / Covid-19

As of today, the most prominent threat in the realm of viral epidemics comes from the land of Wuhan China known as the Coronavirus or Covid-19. But before this, you had Ebola, bird flu, mad cow disease, etc. The difference between today’s Coronavirus and past outbreaks is not only the strength of this illness this time around but also the existence of social media and hundreds if not thousands of new media outlets. Not only that but this virus is communicable for 14 days without showing any symptoms.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

16 of the Top, Single Trip Travel Insurance Companies Revealed but Do I Really Need It?

You’ve spent a good while trying to find that perfect babysitter. You’ve saved up just the right amount of money. The weather looks like it’ll be great, and you even found a few discounts on top of it all. It’s a great feeling to finally plan that long-awaited trip and have everything in order. Some would say it’s actually even a little euphoric. But there are always those little logistics that you overlook or may not even know about that just so happen to always pop up at the very last minute like single trip travel insurance.