Imagine coming out of a fantastic show at a theatre or just exiting a concert at the arena. You do not want the party to stop just yet. So where do you head for drinks in Gwinnett and a bite to eat and keep the party rocking?

Luckily, for you, Gwinnitt is the town where the party never stops. You can always quench your thirst, fill your stomach and sing your heart out at some fancy places in Gwinnett, no matter what hour of the night it is.

Gwinnett is a far stretched county, spread across miles of the state line and the back of it. Gwinnett party people are no strangers to a global cuisine and bar and cocktail offerings. You will always find a bustling dining scene in Gwinnett, with a multi cultural food and drinks spread here. The 850,000 people residing in this county are testimony to the fact that Gwinnett’s bar scene is one of the best one can ever find in the world.

1.     ArtBar

When the mood for some drinks in Gwinnett strikes you where do you head? To ArtBar of course. You can find ArtBar at Sonesta Gwinnett. This gastro pub serves local fare and libations. You can enjoy not just their signature dishes here but also their cocktails that are quite the favorites of the locals here.

2. Parma

You will always see Buford Drive packed with a sea of malls, tons of car dealerships and the huge Mall of Georgia itself. With all the hustle and bustle, Parma serves as a welcome sight and a restful stop, tucked gently away from the entire crowded space.

The Parma has a cheerful tavern, resting peacefully between rows of mundane little shops that would do nothing to excite the party soul in you. When out for a night of drinks in Gwinnett, you must consider the Parma if you want a worthwhile experience.

 Nevertheless, this tavern at Parma is an entirely different story altogether. You can find yourself some great pizza and imbibers to stir the part spirit in you. Choose from a selection of over twenty beers here, out of which several of them are craft while the remaining eight are on draft.  What more could you ask for when out for a night of drinks in Gwinnett?

While the wine offering is quite decent too as well as the wonderful cocktails, the most attractive and popular feature of Parma is drinking some fantastic beer while enjoying a soccer match and lively chitchat with the locals.

3. Epicurean Café

If you live in Gwinnett, you must be aware that Chef Omar Powell recently claimed the Epicurean, European styled café. We all know Chef Omar from his days, working behind the stove at awarded Bacchanalia and his supper club 1494, Jamaican styled.

He has given Epicurean Café a breathtaking makeover. While our taste buds just cannot stop craving Chef Omar’s delicious cuisine, the dining experience here is however, at another level. Chef Omar offers a beverage program with strong emphasis on the fine wines here, enough to blow your senses away.

If you are a connoisseur of wine, you will find the wine list at the cafe hitting all the fine points for you. You can access everything from baller cellar to vintage selections here. Epicurean Café is a fine place for a drinks night out with friends or a special date night too. You will not be disappointed with your drinks here.

4. Three Blind Mice

Three Blind Mice is a wine market as well as a restaurant offering seasonal goods. You can find this place tucked in the heart of Lilburn, a small city in the south of Lawrenceville. You will find this pretty little Gwinnett spot on the east side of Lilburn, boasting of cozy and inviting interiors with wine tastings every week.

You will find the bar here packed with its cocktails taking classic inspirations. You can start off on your wonderful drink-filled evening on the patio here and order a carafe. The sparkling carafe of German make makes a fine starting choice, containing prosecco, liquer with French elderflower, fizzy water, lemon and hints of lavender bitters adding soft floral notes.

You can continue the evening with stronger notes with the classic Sand and Blood by TBM with scotch, sweet vermouth, and cheery liqueur by Heering. If you seek a wide variety of drinks in Gwinnet all in a one place, Three Blind Mice might just be the place for you.

5. Noble Fin

Noble Fin has only been here for a short while but this spot has already made Gwinnett part people super happy. This restaurant is not your regular surf and turf style. What you get here is the typical fancy things by Chef Jay Swift, along with his son Jeb Aldrich, chef de cuisine. Together they pay ode to the coastal fresh cuisine.

The cocktail menu they offer is equally delightful too. You can enjoy the Noble Collins that has a gin base and is less saccharin than Tom Collins, which is more like lemonade. Make your summer nights sultry and refreshing at Noble Fin.

You must even try the Boat Drink, if you have a more fiery spirit and a love for sea adventures. The boat drink uses a white rum Hamilton, citrus and Luxardo maraschino and offers you a boozy vibe in a very humble way.

6. Universal Joint

If you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of Lawrenceville, you can keep your party going at the Universal Joint. This place not just offers really good food but also has an ever-rotating draft and selections of bottles. With a friendly atmosphere all around and a comfortable bar scene, you will have a great drinking experience here.

All you have to do is make your way to the Universal Joint when in the mood for it, order a cold beer and delectable bite to eat and cheer the evening away as your team plays.

7. McCray’s Tavern on the Square

When you find yourself in the mood for bar hopping, you need to make your way straight to MyCray’s Tavern. This place is the best because it offers you a rooftop patio night of drinking blissfully away. You can select from thirty-nine beers available on tap from all over the world.

If you are heading for a performance at the Aurora Theatre, stop here for delicious bite and a refreshing drink before you head on.

At McCray’s you will always find something to satisfy your taste buds, and enjoy an almost nostalgic tavern like experience here.

8. Arena Tavern

If you are exiting the Infinite Energy Arena, you cannot do so without first heading to Arena Tavern. Here is just the place where you can relax peacefully and be casual. Enjoy the delicious offerings of Arena Tavern as well as some of the most soul satisfying drinks in Gwinnet.

They offer you draft selections, which they especially import. You can have your fill of all domestic, extensively local and imported drafts here. What’s more, your glass of chilled drink becomes even more enjoyable with all of your favorite sports event, featuring on mover 50 big screens at the Arena.

What better way to catch all the latest action of your favorite teams with a chilling glass of drink in your hand?

9. Tannery Row Ale House

What better place can there be than an alehouse to grab a drink?

This alehouse resides in a unique historic location at Downtown Buford. The Tannery Ale House lies in the historic building of Tanner Row and offers modern comfort food with a huge helping of its historical surrounding and culture.

You can select your drink from a number of beverages and craft beers available here. What’s more, you can even check out their events calendar if you want to be a part of their poker tournaments, live music sessions and many other special events. For all locals and tourists looking for the most memorable drinks in Gwinnet, you just cannot afford to miss the Tannery Row Ale House.

10. Bahama Breeze

If you are on the lookout for a vibrant island like atmosphere paired with tropical and handcrafted drinks, then you need to head over to the Bahama Breeze. You can find this in Duluth, George close to Pleasant Hill Road. Widely popular as the Bahama Breeze Island Grille, you can treat your taste buds here to scrumptious, Caribbean-inspired food, giving you a taste of the tropical with all the innovative recipes here.

Moreover, if a drink spree is what you are craving for, then bring yourself here at the happy hours to enjoy their specialty cocktails with delicious appetizers at half price. The artfully put together playlists and the island-theme live music further enhance your evening of drinks and great food.

11. Apple Lounge

When you are in search of a bar for an evening of drinks in Gwinnett, the Apple Lounge would make a good choice. This bar and lounge has been operation since 2016 and serves a huge variety of hookah flavors. You can choose your favorite from a range of traditional Egyptian hookahs. Plus, a full bar with an extravagant offering of cocktails and an extravagant menu ensure that you have a wonderful time.

Final Thoughts

When you are hungry or looking for some chilled drinks in Gwinnett, you know you can choose from a wide range of bars and restaurants to satisfy all your cravings, as well as give yourself a relaxing break. Choose any of the spots mentioned above and Gwinnett will make sure your drink cravings will not go dissatisfied.

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