Hi! We are Chris and Reg

Who we are...

We are an interracial, married, travel-obsessed couple exploring the world while enjoying 5-star quality at 3-star prices. 

Chris and Reg are all about sensible luxury

We started traveling together soon after we first met in the early 2000’s. Traveling at that time consisted of accompanying each other on business trips. We quickly discovered that we travel pretty well together (take it from us some people just don’t make great travel partners). So we started making traveling together a priority.

Chris and Reg at the Butchart Gardent
Chris and Reg Travel all about sensible luxury
Chris and Reg in Iceland

Why we travel and why blog about it?

Our lives are busy and hectic just like yours and the way we unwind is going on a great trip.  That’s why we try and do it as much as possible. 

And you might be asking yourself “how do we do it” or more importantly how can I do it?  Well, that’s why we are here and why we’ve started this blog.  We want to show you how we do it so you can too. We want to share with you the places we go to, what we do while we are there and our cost saving strategies. We aim for 5 star quality while using cost saving strategies to get the biggest bang for our buck.

We each take on different roles before, during and after a trip. Here is a break down…



The master trip planner, social media connoisseur and majestic photo editor. Excited to see everything, has to try the local food and drinks and loves a little adventure. Oh yea and some shopping to support the local economy!



Prodigious photographer, thrilling video editor and protector of all things. Will talk and make friends with anyone and everyone. Always needs a snack, while on the road and loves experiencing new cultures.

Our goal...

Our goal is to bring awareness to the fact that you don’t have to be filthy rich to travel comfortably.  Ultimately, we want to encourage everyone to travel and experience other cultures just as we have! The U.S. is made up of many different cultures and ethnicities and traveling has allowed us to become more familiar with those around us and in our own communities. We see it as a valuable opportunity to help others and hopefully make this world a more tolerable, coexistent place for ALL.

We are here to help you, encourage you and answer any questions you may have regarding trip planning or even while you are abroad.

Now get out there and explore the world!

   Chris and Reg