‘Seoul of the South’ is another name for Gwinnett County, Georgia because of the immense Korean culture it has to offer. Get ready for an incredible South Korea experience without having to hop on a plane.

Gwinnett offers a variety of Korean-inspired spots including shopping, cafes, restaurants, and nightlife.

The Backstory of ‘Seoul of the South’

It’s often said that Gwinnett is the ‘Seoul of the South,’ having naturally grown into Georgia’s Korean-American community over the past decade or so. Establishments inspired by those from Seoul itself such as restaurants, shopping, and bakeries in the areas around Pleasant Hill Road and Duluth Hwy have become popular spots. In addition to the food and retail side of things, the Korean business community including real estate agents, lawyers, and physicians has also expanded over the years.

As the Korean community and the county’s diversity have grown, so have cultural experiences for all to enjoy and learn from.

Daytime Korean Spots

Are you looking to take a day or weekend to treat yourself? Do so with a spa treatment and some shopping as you would in Seoul at these notable locations in Gwinnett.

Jeju Sauna & Spa

Korean spots in Gwinnett- Spa
Jeju Sauna & Spa

Jeju Sauna & Spa is a traditional Korean bathhouse spa. This 35,000 square foot spa is just the place to get full rejuvenation with hours worth of ‘treat yourself’ things to do.

Treat yourself to a massage, manicure, a swim in the heated pool, or a sweat-session in the fitness room. There are nine mineral saunas that offer traditional Korean medicinal benefits from improved metabolism to circulation, and more.

Jeju is opened 24 hours offering services at all hours.

3555 Gwinnett Place Drive, Duluth, GA

H Mart

For some shopping, visit H Mart. Here you can find delicious Korean snacks, beer, and fresh produce. For a fresh street-food snack, the food court is a can’t miss.

This large market doesn’t stop at food, either. You can also buy unique house beauty products, clothing, and home goods.

2550 Pleasant Hill Road bldg 300, Park Village Shopping Center, Duluth, GA


Korean beauty products are quite popular and coming to us from South Korea is Aritaum, a retail outlet from the Amorepacific cosmetics corporation. Aritaum offers a variety of beauty products made of high-quality ingredients including makeup, bath and body, and skincare products.

2550 Pleasant Hill Rd building 300 Suite m, Duluth, GA


Find the latest fashion at Mau Mau, a Korean clothing shop located inside of Jusgo Supermarket. Jusgo is a one-stop-shop for Asian goodies including food, apparel, and cosmetics.

Mau Mau, specifically, sells the most fashionable shoes, clothing, and accessories that are shipped regularly from Korea. After shopping, take a walk around to visit other boutiques carrying unique items you won’t find at all the malls.

3175 Venture Dr, B2, Duluth, GA

Korean Eats

If you’ve shopped up an appetite, you are in luck! If you don’t already know, South Korea’s authentic food is something special. Eats like Korean BBQ, kimchi (fermented vegetables), and Korean pastries are abundant in Gwinnett and will keep you coming back for more.

Below you will get the details on Korean Bakeries and Cafes, Korean BBQ joints, and other yummy bites from Seoul found in Gwinnett.

Bakeries and Cafes

Baked goods that originated in Seoul are some of the best around! Bread, pastries, buns, and other snacks can be found at several local bakeries.

White Windmill Bakery

First up on our list of Korean bakeries is White Windmill, a spot that’s been around since the trend of Korean bakeries in the Gwinnett area began. With their spectacular treats that have made their way from Seoul, it’s no wonder they’ve now opened up several locations in the Atlanta area.

The bright, calm atmosphere is great for getting some work done, chatting with a friend, or relaxing with a book while enjoying Korean goodness such as a roll cake or bunguh bbang, a warm fish-shaped pastry.

3230 Steve Reynolds Blvd, Duluth, GA

Paris Baguette

All the yummy bakery goodies you can find are right here at Paris Baguette with so many Korean-inspired options including fresh pastries, bread, cakes, tea, coffee, smoothies, and more. Have a seat in a welcoming, bright space and enjoy your treats or take them to go.

3492 Satellite Blvd #100, Duluth, GA

Cafe Rothem

Korean Spots in Gwinnett - Cafe Rothem Book Shelf
Cafe Rothem

Cafe Rothem has it all from the freshest coffee (Duluth’s Pheonix Roasters), a wall of books to rent from, and live events including open mic night held the first Monday of every month.

Let’s not forget to mention their delicious snacks including pastries, rice bowls, and Bingsu (a shaved ice dessert). This place is definitely worth checking out once or many times.

3585 Peachtree Industrial Blvd #128, Duluth, GA

Tree Story Bakery & Cafe

Last but definitely not least on this list of bakeries is the vibey Tree Story Bakery & Cafe. They have pastries, coffee, red bean desserts, and cakes and it’s all so good! Settle into their ‘treehouse’ and borrow a book if you’re looking for a good read with your snack.

2550 Pleasant Hill Rd #415, Duluth, GA

When you’ve finished checking out these Seoul-inspired cafes, there are a whole lot more cafes in Gwinnett to visit.

Korean BBQ

Get your fill of mouth-watering Korean BBQ at these top spots. Don’t forget to order some Soju, Korea’s variation of vodka, to enjoy with your meal to get a true Seoul experience.

Korean Spots in Gwinnett
Photo by The Creativv on Unsplash

9292 Korean BBQ

Enjoy a hip atmosphere and delectable Korean BBQ at 9292 Korean BBQ. Make sure you come hungry because the charcoal aroma upon your arrival will get your taste buds ready to dive into some incredible eats. Just don’t forget to leave room for a complimentary dessert!

3360 Satellite Blvd #8, Duluth, GA

Honey Pig

Not only is their vintage-chic atmosphere worth checking out, but Honey Pig’s unique method of grilling with a Ssot-Dduk-Kung (a cast-iron lid) results in an incredible Korean BBQ. Their curries and fried rice are also all the rave.

4611, 3473 Old Norcross Rd #304, Duluth, GA 

K BBQ Factory

For a fancy occasion, head over to the upscale K BBQ Factory. Have a seat at the bar, an indoor table, or a seat out on the patio and enjoy their high-quality meats that are sure to melt in your mouth.

3885 Venture Dr, Duluth, GA

While these Korean BBQ restaurants are great for a delicious, hearty dinner, they all also offer a smaller lunch menu.

Other Korean Bites

Korean BBQ is definitely where it’s at but, it doesn’t stop there. Gwinnett has no shortage of authentic Korean food from rice rolls to soups, and so much more.

Dan Moo Ji

When you’re ready for even more Korean from South Korea, settle into this laid-back joint and indulge in some deliciousness. Their menu offers quite the tasty selection including various rice rolls, fried snacks, omelet rice, ramen, and more. There’s definitely something for everyone here!

3230 Steve Reynolds Blvd #107, Duluth, GA

Jang Su Jang

The vibe is casual and the menu is abundant at Jang Su Jang or “the meeting place.” When Koreans are looking for comfort food from home with bold flavor, this is the spot! Choose from tons of great options including tofu soup that people rave about, a variety of Korean style dumplings (‘mandoo’), and noodle soups served hot or cold, you choose!

If you want to continue with the tasty Korean BBQ, Jang Su Jang has that too.

3645 Satellite Blvd, Duluth, GA

Iron Age Korean Steak House

Iron Age aims to offer unforgettable memories you won’t find anywhere. Whether you’re looking to change up your usual family dinner, celebrate something special, or have a good time with friends, this is the place! They offer a neat experience in a trendy establishment with K-pop videos, all-you-can-eat specials, and flavorful Korean dishes.

2131 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA

Nighttime Korean Spots

After you’ve had your fill of shopping and Korean BBQ and the Soju is settling in, head out for a fun night Seoul-style.

7 Coffee & Wine

After the work day and coffee hour is over, 7 Coffee & Wine serves up beer and wine. Listen to music in a trendy, relaxed environment and if you’re hungry, have a Korean snack.

3182 Steve Reynolds Blvd Suite #110, Duluth, GA

Do Re Mi

Do Re Mi is the place to be for proper karaoke just like it would be in South Korea. Get a private room with your friends and enjoy singing to top hits. Do Re Mi offers late-night snacks and drinks to keep you singing until the early morning.

2550 Pleasant Hill Rd Suite #206, Duluth, GA 

Luxor Karaoke

Another option for a night filled with singing and good eats is Luxor Karaoke. There are 11 private karaoke rooms to sing your heart out in with friends. If you aren’t up for sharing your own tunes, don’t worry. Luxor also has a DJ!

2472 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA

Korean Spots in Gwinnett
Photo by BRUNO EMMANUELLE on Unsplash

Check out other nighttime activities in Gwinnett!

Final Thoughts

All of the Korean goodness offered in Gwinnett is so good for the ‘Seoul’ whether you’re from South Korea and are looking for a piece of home or if you are a local who loves the travel experience. The Korean culture offered in this piece of Georgia has something for everyone.

After your Seoul experience, enjoy these unforgettable outdoor activities in Gwinnett.

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